Business and Commercial Liquidations

Our business and commercial liquidation services offer an incredibly effective way for companies and business owners to sell the complete property of their business with the highest return on assets for companies of all sizes and types, from small kiosks to multi-million dollar businesses.

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What are the advantages of our Business Liquidation Auctions?

Utilizing Lane Ryan Auctions to liquidate your business could be one of the smartest decisions you make!  We will work to bring in the highest returns on your assets with our incredible experience of over 40 years in the auction industry and in-depth marketing skill-set in traditional and digital marketing! We’ll make sure we bring the right buyers to the auction of your business assets!

Whether we are helping to sell your excess inventory, new or used equipment, or liquidating the assets of your entire business, we’ll use market research, descriptive listings, professional photography, secure payment processing, and our proven online calendar and listing distribution to provide you the most auction listings, best customer service and marketing outreach you could expect from an auction company like ours. We excel in;

  • bankrupticies
  • restaurant equipment
  • store closings
  • hardware stores and surplus centers
  • construction equipment and tools
  • heavy equipment, automotives and trucks
  • farm equipment
  • and power sports

What really sets us apart is our marketing skill-set. We’re able to perform in-depth marketing research and identify the best targeted audience to advertise your business liquidation auction to, through various methods including; social media advertising, search advertising, direct mail advertising, newspaper advertising, email marketing and customer outreach! With our length experience in the auction industry, we have developed a long list of buyers who are constantly looking for our next auction! Working with our company, you can feel comfortable knowing we’re going to get the job done while exceeding your expectations!


What you will get with our Auction Company

  • Dedicated full-time staff to work directly with you
  • 9500 SQFT fenced and secure auction facility
  • Consulting and appraisals
  • Cleaning and organizing
  • Packing and moving
  • Complete cataloging
  • Online and simulcast sales
  • Forklify loading and unloading
  • Complete marketing strategy

Ready to sell?

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