Over 40 years’ experience offering accurate, confidential, and competitively priced valuations and appraisals.


We average over 100 auctions per year and our appraisals and valuations meet the standards required to support our auctions.


We have sold millions of dollars worth of assets to help clients relocate, downsize, retire, restructure, liquidate or reorganize.

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Benefits of Appraisals

Lane Ryan Auctions has an incredible advantage over most appraisers in the fact that we are experts in observing changes and trends throughout the auction market. We provide accurate, confidential and competitively priced valuations and appraisals that meet the standards of the Certified Appraisers Guild of America and the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices. Certified appraisals are often useful or necessary for securing insurance coverage or settling an insurance claim, settling an estate, divorce, business liquidation, bankruptcy, estate planning, or ensuring equitable distribution. Appraisals and valuations are customizable based on the needs of our clients, as we specialize in difficult-to-value, complex assets, and can provide values based on a variety of scenarios which include:

  • Forced liquidation sale
  • Orderly liquidation sale
  • Fair market value

The appraisal and valuations process by Lane Ryan Auctions is designed with clients and businesses in mind by quickly and efficiently maximizing our understanding of our clients and the assets at hand. Commonly, the appraisals and valuations process typically includes data collection, project scope depending on assets and industry, data analysis and trends of assets within the industry, and a post analysis discussion/report.

Did you know?
We handle everything from consultation to completion in all of our auctions.

Common Appraisals by Lane Ryan Auctions

  • Construction equipment and inventory
  • Building and home improvement
  • Business assets and inventory
  • Machine shops, tools and equipment
  • Automotive: passenger and commercial
  • Landscaping inventory and equipment
  • Coins: common and rare
  • Jewelry, artifacts and antiques
  • Toys and trains
  • Firearms and military items
  • Furniture, office furniture and supplies

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