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Selling Real Estate at Auction is an incredibly simple, innovative and extremely effective method of selling Real Estate in 2018. Through competitive bidding, the Real Estate Auction method is an intense and accelerated method to Real Estate marketing involving the public sale of any property!

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What are the advantages of selling Real Estate at Auction?

Selling Real Estate at Auction benefits everyone involved; the seller and the buyer. In 2018, sellers are looking for better, more effective ways to sell their properties with increasing frequency. Today, it’s not uncommon for sellers to think of auctions as their first option. Rest assured, they’re not just foreclosures either, it’s simply property owners looking for better alternative sales methods! Best of all, working with Lane Ryan Auctions ensures an aggressive marketing program that increases interest and visibility!

Choosing Lane Ryan Auctions and Kerry Pae Auctioneers to sell your Real Estate is the smart choice. Combined, we are one of the most successful auction companies in Pennsylvania, with over 40 years experience and millions of dollars in Real Estate sold at auction. With our in-depth experience in digital and traditional marketing, we can generate the visibility, engagement and interest to sell your property at it’s maximum value!

Did you know;

  • We average over 100 auctions per year
  • We have been selling Real Estate through auction for over 40 years
  • We have conducted over 110 million dollars in Real Estate transactions at auction


What are the benefits to the seller?

You can expect buyers to be prepared to buy as pre-qualified prospects, as buyers are typically pre-qualified for financing. The sale of Real Estate is accelerated while creating competition, excitement and heightened interest among the buyers, in which, can potentially drive the auction price to exceed the price of a negotiated sale.  You know exactly when the property will sell, without the hassle of numerous or unscheduled showings. To create commitment on behalf of the buyer, a 10% deposit is required on the day of the auction. Lastly, selling Real Estate at auction eliminates high seller carrying costs, such as; taxes, mortgage payments, utilities and maintenance, while giving you the option to sell property in as little as four to six weeks!


What are the benefits to the buyer?

As a buyer of Real Estate at Auction, you know the seller is already committed to sell. You can make smart investments, as properties are usually purchased at fair market value through competitive bidding. Auctions eliminate the need for long negotiation periods, reduce time to purchase the property, and make purchasing/closing dates known. As a buyer, you know your are competing fairly and on the same terms as other bidders!

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