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Selling Real Estate at Auction is an incredibly simple, innovative and extremely effective method of selling Real Estate in 2018. Through competitive bidding, the Real Estate Auction method is an intense and accelerated method to Real Estate marketing involving the public sale of any property!

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Selling with Lane Ryan Auctions is incredible advantageous because we have been selling Real Estate through auction for over 40 years, currently average over 100 auctions per year and have conducted over 110 million dollars in Real Estate transactions at auction alone. Putting your home in the hands of our team is the best decision you could make! There are benefits to both the buyer and seller when real estate is sold at auction. In today’s real estate market, selling a property at auction is often the seller’s preferred choice, not their last resort.

Benefits to the Seller

Lane Ryan Auctions handles the sale of your real estate from start to finish. Our skilled staff is available from the moment you sign the contract until the date of settlement to answer questions and guide you through one of life’s biggest transitions. We handle the marketing of your property, place on-site signage, host the open houses, answer questions from buyers, assist with the pre-qualification process, and ensure a timely settlement.

We can sell your real estate for zero % commission to you so you keep 100% of the hammer price. We earn a buyer’s premium that is paid by the buyer in addition to the hammer price. When your property is successfully sold at auction, we are often able to reimburse some expenses and marketing. In this scenario, we offer broker participation to any Real Estate agent that would register the successful bidder. Working hand in Hand with Brokers and Agents allows us to find the perfect buyer for your property. The buyer will pay all costs associated with selling your property including the 2% transfer tax.

Our company creates and implements a comprehensive marketing plan that targets qualified buyers. The marketing of real estate sold at auction generates competition among potential buyers, builds excitement and creates heightened interest. It also produces a sense of urgency as buyers need to act now or lose their chance to purchase your home. Lane Ryan Auctions is a member of the local MLS and your property will also be featured on,,, and many other real estate websites as well as newspaper advertising, on-site signage and additional direct mail and e-mail marketing. We provide each customer with a customized marketing plan.

As a seller, your property will be sold on a specific date, eliminating the uncertainty about the length of time a traditional real estate sale may take. Your property can be sold in as little as four to six weeks so you can eliminate additional carrying costs such as taxes, mortgage payments, utilities and maintenance. At auction, your property is sold without contingencies which means it sells as-is eliminating costly repairs and updates that a traditional sale may demand.


Benefits to Buyer

Properties being sold at auction show you that a seller is committed and motivated to selling their real estate. Competitive bidding determines the fair market value of the property. Auctions eliminate a long negotiation process and sets a specific sale date and closing date. We offer broker participation on many of our real estate auctions. Please click here for our broker participation form.

Choosing Lane Ryan Auctions and Kerry Pae Auctioneers to sell your Real Estate is the smart choice. Combined, we are one of the most successful auction companies in Pennsylvania, with over 55 years experience and millions of dollars in Real Estate sold at auction. With our in-depth experience in digital and traditional marketing, we can generate the visibility, engagement and interest to sell your property at it’s maximum value!

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